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The Story

After months of filling out applications all over town, and many weekly follow-ups, we now have results!

On August 30th, Justin and I attended orientation at Wal-Mart on Summit Square Blvd. (off of University Pkwy). After much paperwork, videos, and well, getting 'oriented,' Justin is now officially a Wal-Mart Cart Pusher! Now that Justin has a job he can begin saving up for his next vehicle and for his future!

It's been a long ride. First we got Justin a truck, then insurance and a license. Now he's got a job! Awesome! I'm proud of what Justin has accomplished. It hasn't been easy, but he's hung in there and made it happen.

If you have a chance to go by Wal-Mart this week, be sure to say hello to Justin. His schedule for the upcoming week is as follows:

9/6/07 2pm-11pm
9/8/07 12pm-9pm
9/11/07 12pm-9pm
9/12/07 2pm-11pm
9/14/07 12pm-9pm

Also, if you'd like to send Justin an email of congratulations, his email is jcline@bluebottle.com

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